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Sam Ruby, Clay Shirky, Nik Nynholm, Ross at Supernova 2003 Dinner
Caught in a Suit at Supernova 2003
Silicon Forum
Adina Levin at Supernova 2003
Esther Dyson, Eveli & Ross Mayfield PC Forum 2003
Greg Elin & Ross at PC Forum 2003
MIT/Stanford Venture Lab: In-room Social Networking
Reid: "Get Venture Capital"
One of Reid's Slides
MIT/Stanford Venture Lab: Social Networking Panel
MIT/Stanford Venture Lab: Pensive Panel
Butterfield & Mayfield
Social Software Panel
Clay Shirky
Speaking at Supernova
Making Sense of (Business) Networks
Kevin Werbach
Network Structure Matters
Anil Dash & Dan Gillmor
Stowe Boyd's Instant Fish Story
Foo Camp
Tentgeek at Foo Camp
Foo Camp Social Software Session
Future Salon
Scott Feedsters His Phone to Mimi
Dirt, Future, Freedom, FOAF
How do you work this thing?
Cheesegeek Factory
See, converting a menu into an Atom feed is easy!
Zack Lynch and Hartmut Walter
Paul O'Neill
Jerry Michalski
Jeff and Howard
Is this a political meeting?
Stealth Disco
Ed Cone and Joe Trippi
Wes Boyd of
Neal Stephenson
Cori Cacti
Steven Johnson
Jason Calcanis