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December 09, 2007


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» Enterprise Software Too Boring: Oh do comealong from SmoothSpan Blog
Once again Robert Scoble has the blogosphere all atwitter (no pun intended, but it probably is a reasonable pun given Scobles predilection to Twitter).  This time its about how Enterprise Software is just not sexy.  I didnt mind Scoble&... [Read More]

» FIRESTORM! from Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog
New wave IT analyst James Governor has written a long, long post that picks up on last weekend's hubbub about the "sexiness" (or lack thereof) of enterprise software, a hubbub that started with Robert Scoble scratching his Charlie Brown-like head, move... [Read More]

» ERP: automating processes | Enterprise 2.0: enabling knowledge work from Trends in the Living Networks
There has been some very interesting discussion over the last week about enterprise software, which began with the question of whether it is sexy or not. It has since covered a wide range of related topics, including the usability of... [Read More]



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