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November 05, 2007


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference CEO 2.0 and some funding news:

» Defrag Is Exceeding My Expectations from Feld Thoughts
Ive often said in the past that Im not a conference guy so I recognize the irony of me helping organize a conference. Eric Norlin did all the work and as we head into the home stretch of day one of Defrag, Im blown away. ... [Read More]

» What HR can learn from Socialtext: weakties. from Vendorprisey
Socialtext is a wiki-maker. Ross, the founder, realised he needed a new CEO to drive the business up a notch. The company now has a new CEO and more funding. (more here) Firstly, respect. Stepping aside isnt a thing most founders can do easily. ... [Read More]

» Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (November 7, 2007) from Effective Collaboration: Michael Sampson on Being Effective with Collaboration
The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams After Action Review ... Overview of the After Action Review process. "An After Action Review (AAR) is an assessment conducted after a project or major activity that allows employees and leaders [Read More]



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