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March 10, 2007


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» Twitter Tips the Tuna from Many-to-Many
On Wednesday, Twitter tipped the tuna. By that I mean it started peaking. Adoption amongst the people I know seemed to double immediately, an apparent tipping point. It hasnt jumped the shark, and probably wont until Steven Co... [Read More]

» Ross Mayfield On Twitter from /Message
I completely agree with Ross: Twitter is going nuts. [from Ross Mayfield's Weblog: Twitter Tips the Tuna] On Wednesday, Twitter tipped the tuna. By that I mean it started peaking. Adoption amongst the people I know seemed to double immediately, [Read More]

» Twitter could become compulsive from NevilleHobson.com
Like a great many people, Ive been experimenting quite a bit with Twitter during the past few weeks. Although I signed up in December, itsonly in the past two weeks that Ive got active with it. During this past week, though, ... [Read More]

» Twitter Tips the Tuna from zidouta.com
Ross Mayfield: On Wednesday, Twitter tipped the tuna. Twitter.com/zidouta ... [Read More]

» Twitter: Always Feel Important from Dan Blank: Publishing, Innovation and the Web
Twitter is suddenly the big news for their creation of a new way to look at communicating on the web. Mashable describes Twitter this way: short, to-the-point messages that let your friends, family and the world know exactly where you ar... [Read More]

» The Twitter on Twitter from Random Mumblings
follow Devanel at http://twitter.comSmart guy Ross Mayfield says Twitter, on the eve of turning one, has hit the tipping point. I love this buzzword: Continuous Partial Presence. Sounds like something from a Sci-Fi movie. If you're trying to figure... [Read More]

» Twitter crowd goes bananas at SXSW from Guardian Unlimited: Technology
I've been resolutely ignoring Robert Scoble's frequent mentions of Twitter in the hope that it might go away. No such luck. Twitter has apparently infected the crowd at the SXSW conference in Austin to the point where it how has... [Read More]

» Twitter from Noesis
How many of you are using Twitter out there? I've got a bit of an early adapter streak in me, when it comes to software, particularly social software. I just love to explore how the net can be used for... [Read More]

» Notes for 3/11/2007 from MasterMaq's Blog
Here are my weekly notes: I was at Blockbuster today and noticed that they are already taking pre-orders... [Read More]

» Even more Twitter Mania from 901am
Caught in the Twitter craze yet? Lots of people are, including campaigners John Edwards (a few updates) and Barack Obama (no updates for now). The Bivings Report has more on that. Theres also a post by Ross Mayfield that you might or might not w... [Read More]

» Twitter, Human Attention and Moore's Law from Micro Persuasion
Ahh, Moore's Law. Thank goodness for it. Moore's Law doubles the speed of chips and storage capacity as they get shrink in physical size and get cheaper. Therefore, everyone benefits. This includes both consumers/users and developers/producers (which f... [Read More]

» Twitter for Nonprofits: Waste of Time or Potentially Useful? from Beth's Blog
Click To Play That's a screencast (with time speed increased) of what is I think -- is a twitter group coming from SXSW Festival, a major new media/emerging technology event happening in Austin, TX. Twitter is a Multi-Person SMS System [Read More]

» Twitter: Everywhere Messaging proving ground from Matt MacQueen
Sometimes it takes an emerging technology a real world event to codify (dare I say legitimize?) itself to the first concentric circle past the uber-alpha-geeks. The use of camera phones and self-organizing info dissemination during the London train bo... [Read More]

» Twitter: Handy Tool or Frickin Annoyance? from Chris Chen.ca
I recently heard about this thing called Twitter - its basically a text messaging system that ccs a group, while logging the message to your Twitter page on the InterWeb. Ross Mayfields description in Twitter Tips the Tuna is re... [Read More]

» Twitter do you have the bug from Tech Weekly
Twitter is an online service that enables you to broadcast short messages to your friends or "followers." It also lets you specify which Twitter users you want to follow so you can read their messages in one place. [Read More]

» Twitter Tipped My Tuna! Erhmmm, it Jumped My Shark! Erhmmm, Lets Just Say I Succumbed from The Minor Threat
Please excuse the sketchy title but I just need to get the twisted humor out there A little web application called Twitter seems to be all the hype these days, at least among the tech crowd. Previously called Twttr, it has been around the greate... [Read More]



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