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November 12, 2006


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference There is no Web 3.0, part, uh, 2:

» Letting the users do the work. from larry borsato
It wasn't until I read [Read More]

» Dimensions of the Web from Kingsley Idehen's Blog Data Space
I have just watched a pretty nifty presentation (courtesy of [Read More]

» Web 2.0's Open Data Access Connundrum (Update) from Kingsley Idehen's Blog Data Space
Open Data Access and Web 2.0 have a very strange relationship that continues to blur the lines of demarcation betwee [Read More]

» But I've Already Booked 4.0 from Zoli's Blog
Lots of noise about Web 3.0: The NYT, Betwe... [Read More]

» Web 3.0 - In The Beginning from Web 3.0
Web 3.0. Buzzword? A new term to launch the next wave of investor financed startups that don\'t have a viable business plan? Or is it the \"next big thing\" we have all been waiting for. We barely had a chance to sit down, savor, and sift through the m... [Read More]

» Oh, does that make us Web 3.0? from LouderVoice Blog
I just love buzzwords and acronyms. Im still deeply disappointed that my Tim Bray derived PECK (People Contributed Experience and Knowledge) as a replacement for UGC never caught on. Now we have an attempt to get Web 3.0 used to describe what&#... [Read More]

» Web 3.0: a bad word? from Sought After
Lots of negative buzz in the 'sphere about John Markoff's article in the NYT this weekend about Web 3.0 describing the rise of truly intelligent applications on the Web that can extract meaning from content and use it smartly according [Read More]

» Entrepreneurs See a Web Guided by Common Sense - Is That Really So?!? from elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog
As if we didn't have enough with Web 2.0 and all the hype going on around the subject of social software, here is ... [Read More]

» Banner ads and PV - I wish they would just die already from Deborah Schultz
So, the new IAB numbers are out and Om and Jason are debating the future of banner ads. I say - die banner ad die.They are a lousy extension of 'spray and pray' ad models from TV and Print. Granted [Read More]



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