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November 14, 2006


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» Backstab a journo for the Horde from yardley.ca
One-upping those companies whove been holding press conferences in Second Life, Ross Mayfield is holding his next press conference for enterprise-wiki Socialtext in World of Warcraft. In fact, hes holding it on the Eitrigg server, where I... [Read More]

» Socialtext dans World of Warcraft from coopLOG
Mais qu’est-ce une entreprise de Wiki comme Socialtext vient faire dans le jeu World of Warcraft ? La réponse n’est pas évidente. Elle va y tenir sa prochaine conférence de presse (1er décembre sur les serveurs Goldshire, Elwynn Forrest, Eitrigg). [Read More]

» Socialtext PR in WoW from Gen Kanai weblog
Socialtext press conference in Warcraft FTW! Ross Mayfield's Weblog: Press Conference in World of Warcraft... [Read More]

» Socialtext - No Second Life for us from Second Life Media Watch
Socialtext CEO Ross Mayfield, a big Web 2.0 personality, jokingly posted that he'd respond to all of the SL press conferences by holding one of his own in World of Warcraft. It got such a reaction that he's actually going [Read More]

» A press conference in Goldshire you shouldn't miss from metacool
That's me and my friend Ross hanging out in IronForge. It's a great place to have a meeting and get some work done. Perhaps even do something innovative. In case you're wondering, that's me on the right -- I'm the [Read More]

» Orcs Need Publicists, too from Common Sense PR
Social media company Social Text has announced a press conference to be held in World of Warcraft. Let the jockeying for position begin. The rules are simple: No ninjas allowed. Keep your amour on. Do not dance unless you are an orc. If the spokesperso... [Read More]



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