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October 31, 2006


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» Google buys JotSpot from scale|free
Just seen this over on Ross Mayfields blog - Google have acquired JotSpot. So, Google now have a blog and a wiki platform, as well as things like Google Notebook which is a pretty good online notes, clippings and sharing platform. They don’... [Read More]

» JotSpot Google Deal - Who Wins, Why it's Big:First Thoughts from Zoli's Blog
A few weeks ago the "wikirati" was having dinner with the Enterprise Irregulars in San Francisco, on occasion of the Office 2.0 Conference. Our gracio... [Read More]

» Google buying spree continues -- now add JotSpot from Guardian Unlimited: Technology
I was quite impressed with JotSpot two years ago, as it brought a new Microsoft Word-style richness to the wiki format. Well, "We're Googlers now," says JotBlog, the JotSpot team's blog. This takeover might be considered slightly surprising, in that... [Read More]

» If I was the CEO of Google from Vendorprisey
Google is on a roll. Lots of folks have posted on the JotSpot takeover. Zoli is well worth reading on this.  CNET quotes Ross Mayfield of Socialtext who has blogged on it here. This is another great validation of the category we helped start Nicholas ... [Read More]

» Google's bought Jotspot from Stuart Glendinning Hall
So Google's bought Jotspot.I have nothing of value to add to this news. Though be interesting to see what ... [Read More]

» Losers of the Google / JotSpot Deal from Zoli's Blog
In my longer analysis of the JotSpot sale to Google I listed a group of JotSpot customers who may feel disadvantaged by the deal: those who'd [Read More]

» Web2.0に買収されるEnterprise2.0 from 「エンタープライズ2.0」への道しるべ
 先週、JotspotがGoogleに買収された(最近、Enterprise2.... [Read More]



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