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October 24, 2006


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» Imaginary Fences from MediaRhythm
Lawrence Lessig on building imaginary fences: A “true sharing” site doesn’t try to exercise ultimate control over the content it serves. It permits, in other words, content to move as users choose. A “fake sharing” site, by contrast, gives yo... [Read More]

» Abundance, and Five Years of Blogging from The Unreasonable Man
An excellent article from Ross Mayfield (CEO of SocialText) on why sharing works. When I sat down in my first economics class at UCLA, the professor wrote on the blackboard all we would learn, in really big letters: SCARCITY I've [Read More]

» Economy of abundance from leafar
David Hornick just wrote a post that turns the Long Tail into a new economy: Chris Anderson Strikes Again: The Economy of Abundance. several of the smartest VCs I am reading (actually 4 out of 9 VCs) are wondering directly [Read More]

» The Economy of Abundance and Other Fairy Tales from Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life
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