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September 28, 2006


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» Cuando la inteligencia gubernamental se hace social y digital, ¿es analógico el futuro de la libertad? from Juan Freire
A raíz de mi post sobre Cómo usa la CIA los blogs y los wikis para la gestión del conocimiento: [Read More]

» This week I participated in a workshop with the CIA on blogs and wikis. from Page 2007
Si les partis politiques français invitent des blogueurs dans leurs universités dété, aux Etats-Unis cest la CIA qui organise des groupes de travail sur les blogs. Lire : Ross Mayfields Weblog: De-Centralized Intelligence Agenc... [Read More]

» Decentralization and "Good Enough" Security (cont.) from 1 Raindrop
Previously I blogged about issues relating to decentralizing security models that support integration. The JASON Project on HORIZONTAL INTEGRATION: Broader Access Models for Realizing Information Dominance looks at the following problems to solve: • In... [Read More]

» The flash and the swarm from Kent's Imperative
And your authors in particular are unconvinced that the best way to drive this effort is through the use of Beltway consultants “debriefing” teams of “A-list” and technology savvy bloggers.... [Read More]

» Spying 2.0 from Christopher Herot's Weblog
The New York Times Magazine ran a long piece today by Clive Thompson on Open-Source Spying. It described how the intelligence community has started using open-source and off-the-shelf social software such as blogs and wikis to encourage sharing of info... [Read More]



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