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April 27, 2006


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» Deconstructing participation from Between the Lines
Worth reading: Ross Mayfield has come up with a way to deconstruct the concept of participation, peeling it back so that is has some granularity. Not all participants participate with an equal level of engagement, as illustrated in the Power Law of Par... [Read More]

» The Participation Spectrum from Phil Windley's Technometria
Ross Mayfield has an excellent essay on the spectrum of participation, the choices we have about how much of ourselves to put into any given activity on the Web. He points out that high engagement activities like leading, moderating... [Read More]

» Spectrum of Participation from chris@eParticipation
Just found this great post from Ross Mayfield, drawing the spectrum of online participation. At a point, where the whole blogging discussion becomes repetitive, this is great work of putting the different elements of online participation into perspectiv [Read More]

» The Incentive to Participate in Social Networks and Enterprise 2.0 from JasonKolb.com
John Sviokla wrote a fascinating post recently about the reasons why people participate in social networks. He argues that people participate in social networks for the social aspect of them, not for any monetary rewards. In fact, it seems that [Read More]

» Healthy Lurking from The Cooperation Blog
This post by Ross Mayfield shows graphically how lurkers and free riders may be an indication of a healthy cooperative system. ... [Read More]

» The Power Law of Participation from Media Guerrilla
This is very cool, Ross Mayfield posts his Power Law of Participation: This is particularly interesting when you think about how a communications program might map to different levels of community engagement. According to this power law, content consu... [Read More]

» How We Learn from J. LeRoy's Evolving Web
The other day I was having conversations with Ed Vielmetti and Jay Fienberg on IM. Simultaneously, both conversations came around to Web 2.0 and how it's managed to eat itself.Oddly enough, Web 2.0 has been a term that means everything, [Read More]

» Roland's Sunday Smart Trends #108 from Smart Mobs
Here is my weekly selection of articles that were not mentioned here -- except if I missed them. Cyber Sleuths Call For New 'Smart Swarms' "The key to robust security is network thinking," said W. David Stephenson, principal at Stephenson... [Read More]

» How to tap into the global brain from Nigel Burke
Add the new generation of consummers to the millions of lead users, early adopters, brilliant business professionals dying to give you a piece of their mind, and you’ll end up with THE GLOBAL BRAIN, waiting for you to tap into [Read More]

» Notes on Designing for Participation from O Danny Boy
I participated on a panel at Webvisions about encouraging companies to engage customers online. I wanted to put down what I said i... [Read More]

» Is Enterprise Anonymity an Oxymoron? from Kalivo
As I've discussed here a few times, individual enterprises have a couple big advantages over the Internet as a whole as they work to encourage the use of new platforms for communication and collaboration. [Read More]

» Participation from Ecademy - A way of living
My previous article highlighted the impact of aparent non participation on the conclusions that others might draw from a discussion, particularly around the level of support for an idea or issue. Russ Mayfield's excellent blog discusses a power law of [Read More]

» Collaboration on line starts to make sense from Mopsos
Ross's Power Law of Participation is brilliant, because it explains how valuable metadata can be fed into any collaboration tool. It can be combined with Janet Salmons Collaborative Taxonomy of e-Learning , which is more on the right-hand side of... [Read More]

» Notes from the Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2008 from padawan.info
Brief notes from the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Hannover. Warning: those notes are very partial, I tend to forget about... [Read More]

» Marzo 8, 2008. Alternativas a las redes sociales de Internet. El futuro del Web 2.0 from luisdans WebLog
Estoy presente en diversas redes sociales de Internet. luego de analizar los agregadores de redes sociales [Read More]



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