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April 10, 2006


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» May Rossfield on Manage Knowledgement from Zoli's Blog
.setis MK eht lla pu gnirb ti ees dna ,tnemegdelwonK eganaM elgoog tsuj tub ,mret e... [Read More]

» Management Knowledgement (MK) - When Are We Going to Learn? from elsua
During the course of yesterday, and while trying to catch up with my daily RSS newsfeeds, I bumped into a weblog post from Ross Mayfield (CEO and co-founder of SocialText) that catched my attention right away and which would clearly indicate to me how ... [Read More]

» Manage Knowledgement from Knowledge Jolt with Jack
Ross Mayfield uses a new term for knowledge management to reflect his focus on the social side of knowledge, "Manage Knowledgement." [Read More]

» Where's the organic milk? from The Memo
I try to be aware of good communication practices when I see it. I don't mean something that is edited well, I mean the kind of communication actually causes change or understanding with customers or employees. I found it in [Read More]

» Knowledge Management, Trust and Social Media from Business Management Blog focused on Leadership & Innovation - Management Speak
Wikipedia defines Knowledge Management (or KM) as an approach to improving organizational outcomes and organizational learning... [Read More]

» Enterprise 2.0 from Many-to-Many
Harvard Professor Andrew McAfee:I have an article in the spring 2006 issue of Sloan Management Review (SMR) on what I call Enterprise 2.0 the emerging use of Web 2.0 technologies like blogs and wikis (both perfect examples of network... [Read More]

» Knowledge Collaboration versus Knowledge Management from Design Collaboration
Speed to market is a key element in creating competitive advantage. Innovation is the supreme mantra of aggressive organizations. Bringing new products or services to market involves more than R&am... [Read More]



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