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April 12, 2006


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» Death will eventually take care of it. from The Obvious?
Ross Mayfield points to some interesting research and writing on Enterprise 2.0 - the use of social computing within organisations. The articles make all the usual good and valuable points but then sound a note of caution: There's the rub. [Read More]

» Web 2.0 – Now What? from EarlyStageVC
There have been several posts chronicling the abundance of Web 2.0 clutter companies. Rich Ziade had a great post showing the 15 minutes of fame that new Web 2.0 companies have as they circulate in the blogosphere for a week [Read More]

» Buzzword Bingo 2.0 from Kirk Allen Evans' Blog
AT LAX, waiting on a plane to Atlanta, I bought a book, "The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first... [Read More]

» Enterprise 2.0: Beyond the Hype from Henry
Enterprise 2.0 is an evolving concept about the next generation enterprise software solutions. Since the name coined after the Web 2.0 and focus on collaboration, many think that, implementing Web 2.0 (Blogs and Wiki) in enterprise is Enterprise 2.0.Ev... [Read More]



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