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December 07, 2005


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» Freedom of Anonymous Speech from Many-to-Many
Assume that John Seigenthaler gets what he wants from his criticism of Wikipedia. He very well may gain congressional hearings on anonymity. Purportedly in comments to a post by Larry Sanger that begs the question, his intent is to have... [Read More]

» Wikipedia's Paradox from Tech Beat
Wikipedia, the darling of the new Web, has seen quite a backlash lately thanks to some high-profile mischief and shady editing of entries. Outsell's David Curle has one of the most interesting analyses of why. He contends that Wikipedia's problem... [Read More]

» http://www.katachora.com/?p=48 from katachora
Ross Mayfield, who I read on the corporate-as-in-many blog, Many-to-Many has some things to say about anonymity and the press to regulate it, either in a market commodity sense or a civil ordinance sense, or both, stemming from someone being irked ove... [Read More]

» 匿名性論争 from Rauru Blog
Reading the discussion, I noticed that Mayfield never used the term responsibility nor accountability. Apparently he avoided to discuss about anonymous writers accountability, even though Ratcliffe mentioned it more than once. ... [Read More]

» täna saates from Tehnokratt!
Nii, täna on mul saates (mis läheb KUKUst otse, nii et netis väikse viivitusega) külas Marint Hirvoja, Justiitsministeeriumi krimipoliitika asekantsler -- ja me räägime ei millestki muust kui jälle "Delfi eelnõust". [Read More]

» More Wikipedia insanity from elliptical . . .
You know, I never thought Id find myself in the position of defending Wikipedia - Im a pretty light contributor there, and not what might be called a Wikipedian, but heres Dave with more in his rant against Wikipedia: Now ... [Read More]



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