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November 12, 2005


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» Surmountable hurdles? from The Obvious?
Ross has had an interesting dinner .... "In the midst of our optimism that something was actually new, Gary Hamel called us on it, and pointed out the simple facts of abject poverty and unconnectedness for most of the world. [Read More]

» Hack the Planet! from Eureka Man
Other people, it seems, have felt similar disappointments to mine with the gush of web 2.0 cash-ins. People with web 2.0 visions, Id like to direct your attention to something you may have been overlooking: Planet Earth. I have a feeling that... [Read More]

» Mesh the World from Can I Get A What What
When great minds get together, great ideas and solutions flow. Enough said... this is a really good post by Ross Mayfield. Link: Ross Mayfield's Weblog: Mesh the World. [Read More]



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