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October 17, 2005


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» Ross Mayfield's notes from wikisym from Michael Fioritto's Weblog
Ross Mayfield has posted some notes from Ward Cunningham's speech at wikisym. Here's a foundational quote by Ward on the impact of wikis: My hope is that wiki becomes a totem for a way of interacting with people. Tradition in the work world has been mo... [Read More]

» JSB au bout du fil... de nouvelle. from Mario tout de go
Vraiment ce soir, Jean-Sébastien sest surpassé. Prendre le risque de toucher le sujet du racisme dans une perspective scientifique dans le contexte de laffaire Mailloux relève dune grande témérit&... [Read More]

» WikiSym 2005 from hebig.org/blog
My hope is that wiki becomes a totem for a way of interacting with people.Ward Cunningham in is WikiSym 2005 keynote WikiSym 2005, the 2005 International Symposium on Wikis, is on. "The Crucible of Creativity" is the title of Ward... [Read More]



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