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October 07, 2005


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» Entrepreneur Exchange Wiki from Feld Thoughts
Ross Mayfield CEO of Socialtext just put up a new wiki called Entrepreneur Exchange.Hes seeded it with a number of links from around the VC / entrepreneur blogging set see the Venture Capitaland StartUp ... [Read More]

» Entrepreneur Exchange from Oliver Thylmann's Blog
Ross posted about Entrepreneur Exchange, which is a wiki everyone can contribute to, becoming a resource for new entrepreneurs learning from each other. Some nice stuff on there already. [Read More]

» Entrepreneur Exchange. from larry borsato
Ross Mayfield has put up a new wiki for startups entitled Entrepreneur Exchange:Entrepreneurship is the discipline of starting a company in absence of resources. Today the Entrepreneur Exchange opened, a renewable resource (wiki) for entrepreneurs.... [Read More]

» Are you interested in startups? (or VCs?) from Feh! v2
Thanks to Ross Mayfield CEO of social text for having the insight and forethought to set this up. [Read More]

» Check out Entrepreneur Exchange for good online resources from Escape from Cubicle Nation
Through a process of searching for keywords today, I ran across a really good blog by Ross Mayfield, CEO of Socialtext. He opened Entrepreneur Exchange, an online wiki (read his blog for more explanation) that has all kinds of good [Read More]



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