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October 04, 2005


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» This Email is Bloggable Signature from The Work Better Weblog
Ive been thinking about when to send an email verses blog. Ive decided on a loose guideline: if more than 3 people would find something useful, Ill blog it. If not its an email (or, even better, an instant message) Somethi... [Read More]

» The reason for Web 2.0. from Rogers Blog
Good point, Ross The reason we are building Web 2.0 is because we were not able to build Email 2.0. The first web didn't support our social needs, so we used email for everything. But we couldn't really hack it. Most social software has by now adapted... [Read More]

» Email 2.0, Offspring Of Web 2.0? from Collaborative Thinking
On of the fallouts from the Web 2.0 conference has been an analogy to Email 2.0. The thinking, expressed nicely by Ross Mayfield in his blog (in multiple postings, although this one sums it up), is that social software (and [Read More]



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