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September 12, 2005


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» eBay Buying Skype from The Stalwart
So the rumors turned out to be true, eBay is acquiring Skype, the VOIP service for a price of at least $2.6 Billion! There'll be a lot of commentary on this one throughout the day from various pundits, so check [Read More]

» Skype has been sold from Get Real
The rumours were true. Skype has been sold... to eBay. At a $4.1 billion dollars, I think they've done pretty well with the sale. Probably better than anybody expected. About half of eBay's cash reserve has gone into the... [Read More]

» PPCall vs Skype vs eBay from Moteurs
Tiré du communiqué de presse d'eBay - disponible à l'adresse communiquée par Franck ce matin : The acquisition also enables eBay and Skype to pursue entirely new lines of business. For example, in addition to eBay’s current transaction-based fees, ecom... [Read More]

» Why eBay Is Buying Skype from Tech Beat
Here's my quick take, below, an edited version of which will appear in a few hours at businessweek.com. CEO Meg Whitman & Co. gave an impassioned rationale for the deal. I can certainly see that if Skype meets its ambitious... [Read More]

» What a news day... from Andrew Lark
It's fascinating sitting in the 'real world' and observing the announcements flood the news this morning. First Sun with new servers, then eBay buys Skype and then Oracle takes Seibel... Only one of these intersects me in my current life [Read More]

» Ebay Buys Six Apart from Nivi
Ebay buys [Six Apart](http://www.sixapart.com/). No, not really. But why not? Most of the [reasons Ebay gave for buying Skype](http://investor.ebay.com/downloads/050912ebay.pdf) work for communications media like blogs too. So why not buy Six... [Read More]

» Skype and missing the point about eBay? from Internet Politics
With all the feverish discussion about eBay's acquisition of Skype focusing on whether it's a genuine attempt to integrate VOIP into the e-commerce mainstream, nobody seems to be raising the essential point about eBay's success: it is the impersonali... [Read More]

» Skype in, Skype out. Buy, sell from mind this
Congratulations to eBay on securing a technology that makes it possible to expand their business model. Nothing much has happened at the highly successful online auction house since the introduction of the buy-it-now sale format. Whether the price was ... [Read More]

» EBay and Skype from Edge Perspectives with John Hagel
I use and love both eBay and Skype. I admire their management. They are extraordinary businesses and epitomize the disruptive potential of the Internet and the creative potential of virtual communities. And yet I am struggling to make sense of [Read More]



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