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August 20, 2005


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» New WIKI editor from Our Social World Blog
Ross Mayfield, one of the speakers at Our Social World has just announced that his company Socialtext has just released a new product Wikiwyg a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor for wikis, or pretty much any other text area on the web. The cool thin... [Read More]

» Reports from BarCamp: Social Text and Wikiwyg from Rashmi's Blog
I spent most of this weekend at BarCamp. Met a lot of interesting people, ate too much crap (I have a weakness for chocolate!), and generally had a good time. BarCamp was in SocialText offices. While talking to Ross Mayfield,... [Read More]

» Wikiwyg is here..finally! from rightfactor
This is indeed the way wiki's are supposed to be - and the way the many (growing)non-techies expect it to be. Some time back a senior (non technical) guy reacted at a blog admin training session "but why should I bother to remember all those stupid ta... [Read More]

» Wikiwyg from Guardian Unlimited: Onlineblog
"This weekend we put something cool out into the world. Wikiwyg is what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor for wikis, or pretty much any other text area on the web. It's open source licensed, available for download and demo. Jeff Jarvis said wikiwyg is... [Read More]

» Bar Camp Wiki from Like It Matters
Lots to dig into here, the Bar Camp wiki. Made with Wikiwyg.... [Read More]

» Wysiwyg? No Thanks, I Just Had One from This is Berry
Latest buzz, running through the blogosphere: wiki's (explanation) will be going wysiwyg (explanation). It's called wikiwyg. Everyone is cheering and applauding. Personally, I detest wysiwygs. [Read More]

» Wikiwyg, pour l'édition wiki from alex.passant.org
Wikiwyg est, comme son nom le laisse deviner, un éditeur WYSIWYG pour les wikis. Même si je ne suis pas un grand fan du WYSIWYG, il faut bien reconnaitre que dans le cas d'interfaces web, cela peut rendre l'utilisation et l'adoption d'outils [Read More]

» Socialtext's Mayfield tells more about SAP backing from SiliconBeat
Last week, we promised more on Socialtext. Socialtext's chief executive, Ross Mayfield, says there aren't enough good ways for employees at large companies to form groups on the fly, to collaborate on group projects, and then to solicit and compile fe... [Read More]



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