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August 16, 2005


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» BAR Camp from TechCrunch
For those of us not invited to Foo Camp this year, there is an alternative which looks to be equally (or more) exciting: BAR Camp. No invitation required. It’s not anti-Foo Camp, it’s just different. I’m looking forward to attending... [Read More]

» Hyperbrief from Software Only
Niall Kennedyis organizinga geek/blogger dinner tonight at Henry's Hunan Restaurant(110 Natoma Street) starting at 6:30 p.m. Ill be there, so look me up and say hi. Are you in the legions of non-FooCampers ? Join BarCamp, sponsored by our friends of So... [Read More]

» BarCamp from Paul Mooney
Summer is the time to have fun! BarCamp By Ross Mayfield Couldn't make it to FooCamp this year? Well,... [Read More]

» Silicon Valley's open-source innovator camp from SiliconBeat
Some geeks dismayed by the closed-door policy of another group of geeks, are doing their own thing. Read Andy Smith's note here for more. Here's the gist: FOO Camp happens every year, it is an invite-only event for tech luminaries hosted in Sebastopol,... [Read More]

» Bar Camp: the open Foo Camp from Jonathan Boutelle's home on the net
Bar Camp is this weekend! For everybody that didn't get invited to Foo Camp, Bar Camp might just be the ticket! Location? Socialtext headquarters in Palo Alto (details here).... [Read More]



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