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June 03, 2005


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» SocialText's mistery over: DFJ/$3.1M/Tim Draper/Tax Day from Software Only
SiliconBeat discloses the missing elements of Socialtext's Series B in Socialtext scores $3.1 million: A break with the past?. Ross started a challenge some time ago to guess who led the Series B round, how much was raised, who was [Read More]

» 3,1 mio Dollar für Socialtext from Lummaland - das Weblog
Ross berichtet, dass seine Firma Socialtext gerade 3,1 mio Dollar Venture Capital bekommen hat. Das freut mich für Ross. Aber kann mir mal jemand erklären, wieso in die Firma in... [Read More]

» Socialtext scores $3.1 million: A break with the past? from SiliconBeat
Ross Mayfield practices what he preaches -- even if the office work-style he preaches is pretty darned radical. He runs a Silicon Valley company called Socialtext that has developed wiki-based social software, which allows employees at big companies to... [Read More]

» Socialtext's Series B revealed from Jonathan Nolen
Well, the real journalist comes through with the scoop. Matt Marshall of Silicon Beat is reporting that Socialtext's Series B (about which more here) weighs in at a nice $3.1mm. Not bad, guys. Not bad. Too bad this broke on a Friday, though. Here is Ro... [Read More]

» links for 2005-06-04 from medmusings
feedbeep :: rss notification to pager or phone SMS (tags: RSS notification) Respectful Insolence (a.k.a. "Orac Knows"): You want to know how to make a surgeon angry? a commenter calls surgeons technicians. contrary to that, i think surgeons have a dif... [Read More]

» Socialtext raise series B finance to scale their social software tool from Headshift
congratulations to socialtext on their funding [Read More]



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