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June 04, 2005


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» Bloggable/Not Bloggable. from larry borsato
I have been guilty of blogging an email that was sent to me about one of my blogs. Mea culpa. It this case the sender started quoting RFCs and netiquette to me. Hey, I'm not that smart. I make mistakes.... [Read More]

» Mid week madness sale - All links half price! from Damien Mulley's Blog
Sesame street lyrics in Klingon. Sing along! " Describe to me immediately how to go to Sesame Street." Digg Spy. Automatically refreshing flash interface. Quick AJAX/Web2.0 fanboys. Love it! Love it now! Handy Getting Things Done Email hack from Ross.... [Read More]

» Email Signatures: Privacy and Consent from The Indiana Jones School of Management
Ross Mayfield cranked up the idea, and Tim OReilly picked up on it: adding a privacy checklist to email signatures. This email is: [ ] bloggable [x] ask first [ ] private Im generally of the opinion that anything I send you is fair gam... [Read More]



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