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February 10, 2005


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Ross Mayfield's Weblog: The Long Tale: A lot of good stuff in Ross' account of Chris Anderson's long tail talk at the Media Center.... [Read More]

» 'You can't understate new capacities to produce.' from morph
Ross Mayfield details the points brought up during Chris Anderson's presentation on The Long Tail [Read More]

» Google's Tail - from Docu-Blog/Steve's POV
When a phrase works, it works. Now it seems like "The Long Tail" has been around forever. And companies are referring to it as if everyone knows the concept and agrees that it's basic reasoning is sound. It is. And now the latest to jump on the bandwag... [Read More]

» Long Tail:ビジネスモデルの基本形とは? from 渡辺聡・情報化社会の航海図
日本のYahooが大型買収を行いました。朝のオープニングベルでもeコマースとネット広告の最近動向として取り上げられていましたが、業界関係者の発言を追う感じからして、もう少し余震... [Read More]

» Charles on Google and Weblogs from Josh's Log
Charles has a great post. Read it. The web does not exist to serve Google. The web should not stay... [Read More]



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