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January 10, 2005


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» Parking Lot Investment "Indicatrs" from Business Opportunities Weblog
Ross Mayfield: My uncle was a guru on wall street when I asked him where I should invest my paper route money. He said to visit the parking lots of Silicon Valley companies during the weekend. If the parking lot... [Read More]

» Parking Lot Indicatr from TrustBlog
Why should anyone trust these photos as an authentic indicator of what is going on? Who takes the photos, and what's their agenda? How do we interpret what we see? And why stop at cars? Why not photograph the empty pizza boxes piled by the dustbins,... [Read More]

» Get Your Power Here... from tecosystems
SJC, Gate A10 Originally uploaded by sogrady. Stealing a page from Ross Mayfield's indicatr tag in an attempt to quench my thirst for power, I'm going to begin highlighting some of my favorite airport power outlets from my various... [Read More]

» [Geek Life] The Street Finds Its Own Uses for Flickr from The Farm: The Tucows Developers' Hangout
The street finds its own uses for things.
-- William Gibson, [Read More]

» Technorati's Coup from pc4media
While Steve Rubel google campaigns against google inserting links in publisher's content that link back to its search site, and while Jason Calacanis lambasts bloglines for suggesting adding ads to their aggregator around our content.... Technorati has... [Read More]



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