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October 31, 2004


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» Asymmetrical Analytics from Read/Write Web

Interesting line of thought inspired by Ross Mayfield's post Blog-based Research Model, where he talks about research services shifting "from the end analysis product (.pdf) to ... [Read More]

» Blog-Based Research from Unbound Spiral
I like the way Ross puts it. "decreases transactions costs" ( read real-time interaction and research while increasing client interaction. Still before working in this way the benefits are accelerated learning and incremental release / capture of tacit... [Read More]

» Social Networking Systems and Wikis Engage The Social Customer from Closing the CRM Gap: Using IT to Get Closer to Customers
Tony Perkins, creator of Red Herring magazine, has forgone the "one-way"... [Read More]

» Design for Data II from Read/Write Web
Quick follow-up on my post from last night. Over the past week James Enck has been writing a series of posts about 'analyst blogging'. Ross Mayfield called it a "blog-based research model" and I wrote about it too. Now to... [Read More]

» The equity research debate from Seeking Alpha
It turns out that Why fund managers should stop over-paying for sell-side research was one of a number of articles published recently on the Internet about the future of equity research. [Read More]

» Blog-based Research Model from .:| randgaenge |:.
Ross Mayfield puts together some (I'm writing this while listening to Fusion of the Five Elements from the album [Read More]

» Babson Student Mangement Discuss Roll-Out of the Babson Mosaic Equity Research Club from Reflections on Equity Research
Earlier today, I met with two Babson MBA students interested in developing a plan to roll out the proposed Babson Mosaic Equity Research Club initiative. [Read More]



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