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July 16, 2004


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» What I'm Reading Tonight from a little ludwig goes a long way
CEOs skim off 8% of a merger's value. Ugly. Isaac Hayes' Three Laws of Robotics. Ha. RSS Screensaver. Pointcast lives. Bittorrent traffic surpasses kazaa. And so of course we have... Bitoogle, the search engine for torrent files. Doom 3... [Read More]

» Treibt Open Source die Kommodifizierung von Software voran? from Berlecon Analysten-Weblog
Ross Mayfield, CEO von Socialtext hat einen netten Übersichtsbeitrag zu "Commodification" in der Softwareindustrie geschrieben (Tech Commodities 101), der auf einen Beitrag von Jonathan Schwart, President & COO von Sun in seinem Weblog reagiert. ... [Read More]

» Corporate voices and online communication strategy from tins ::: Rick Klau's weblog
Erik notes that he received some e-mail from eBay recently that got flagged as spam, for a variety of reasons. Implementing a fix should be relatively simple, if eBay finds out about the problem. As Erik writes: Naturally, I tried... [Read More]



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