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March 11, 2004


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» Blogs are really different. from almost a diary
To those who haven't yet had the opportunity to read about Loic LeMeur's efforts in bringing together the loose ends of the Germanic blogosphere, I say - do so. When I went to meet him and some other bloggers I... [Read More]

» Was unterscheidet Blogging von anderen Publikationskanälen? from WMF_Blog
Im Zuge meiner Recherchen stiess ich auf folgende interessante Aspekte: Martin Roell schreibt in einem Beitrag: Ein Blog ist: Persönlich (persönliche Meinung) Verlinkend (Bezug Nehmend) Interaktiv (Reaktiv) Und über all dem: "Weblogs sind dann interess... [Read More]

» Mayfield: Morph your news reading from Marc's Outlook on Productivity
Ross Mayfield is on my daily "must read list". Here's a particularly eloquent quote about morphing your news reading to give you the best balance of coverage about what's going in the world. Serendipity - I was just having this discussion with onone of... [Read More]

» Non-Neuro Thoughts II from Brain Waves
Lots of interesting conversations occur daily in the blogosphere. Here are a few recent blogs that I would like to comment on: 1. Humanitarian Tom Munnecke blogs about a reality TV show for compassion. "For example, Mother Teresa was hospitalized... [Read More]

» Presse, blog et wiki : quelles complémentarités ? from adverbe
Xtof a traduit très vite ce billet de Ross Mayfield sur les complémentarités entre presse, blog et wiki : " Tournez-vous vers la presse pour les sources officielles, vers le blog (carnet web) pour un contexte social et vers le wiki pour un enregistrement [Read More]



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